Poster for Guest Speaker - Founder of Saltrock
Plymouth Uni - Babbage 411 11 Feb 2015 15:55

Guest Speaker - Founder of Saltrock

Hello All, 

2015 is here - this is one of our Events of the year. And it's a BIG one. This is such a great opportunity to meet 1 of the Founders of Saltrock, one of the largest surf brands in the UK. 

We have been in contact with the Founder of Saltrock Surf - Angus Thomson. Saltock. Saltrock is a major British company whose focus is clothing. Their core is built around Travel, Surf, and Adventure apparel. Saltrock provides clothing for Men, Women and Children (boys and girls). Most of their clothes resemble a casual, beach-like apparel that are comfortable and durable. These items are focused around a casual beach lifestyle. Saltrock aims to have reasonably priced clothing within the expensive clothing market. Saltrock designs clothing for people who want their clothes to fit just right. It is a company that is "by surfers, for surfers".

The mascot of Saltrock is a crazy haired surfer boy called Tok. 

The location are being confirmed.

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