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February Update

From National Enterprise Conferences to Guest speakers, we have bee up to all....

NACUE Conference 

NACUEs Student Enterprise Conference (SEC) in London on 20th- 21st February, has most certainly been jam packed with action and skill set workshops. Having a selected group of members for a weekend full of keynote speakers, exciting talks from start-ups as well as the chance to network with likeminded students from around the country. Keynote speakers included Peter Briffett from YPlan and  Isaac Howie Brewerton from Pixel Blimp. 

Edmond Davari's Restaurant Empire

We were lucky enough to have a talk from Edmond Davari at the start of February in conjunction with Institute of Hospitality Society with Plymouth University. This was a very successful talk. Edmond got into the very best and juicy stories of how he build his restaurant empire as well as a theatre manager prior to the restaurants. He also gave insight into how his businesses struggled to survive the economic crash in 2008 as well as showing us his new mobile food business. We quickly understood that Edmonds forte was marketing and taught us that if we want to do something, just go for it and don't be scared. 

Bob D’Silva Novel Marketing Techniques 

Bobs Experience in industry as a Chartered Engineer, Project Leader, Commercial Director, and Mentor was very obvious in the talk he kindly delivered a Novel Marketing Techniques workshop on the 3rd of March 2016. Taught us how telemarketing is not dead and how efficient and informational it can be when you want to win you next million pound contract.

He is scheduled to give two more talks in due course, 17th of March and 15th of April (for full detail look at our event list here or Facebook page).

New Committee

Igniting Enterprise held their AGM on the 26th February. In this, the new committee was successfully voted in for next year who are gradually taking over from the current committee. Sophie White was voted in as President whilst Feyi Ogunyeye was voted in as vice-president. They have many ideas for improving the society next year and we look forward to seeing their plans unfold.

Upcoming events and workshops:

Keep Your Profits

In the pipes, we have ‘Keep Your Profits’ workshop in which members will be able to learn how to make a business plan (hosted by a professional), and then for juicy part two, they will be competing face to face in campus around University. Participants keep their profits.

email in or catch us on social media for more detail 

Leaders’ Summit

We will also be taking the two new committee members to London for NACUEs Leaders’ Summit that have added the most value to the society over the year. This is an annual event bringing together the leaders of enterprise societies from across the UK. It allows our new committee to be given a series of workshops, whilst also allowing them to relax for an evening in an award ceremony over drinks and food.

Bob D’ Silvia

We also have the two other lectures in Bobs series of talks coming in the next few months. Contact us to book 

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