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Student entrepreneur, Freelance social media and productivity expert, BA Business Student, Runner, Writer and Tech geek


When I was growing up, I was very lucky to have been brought up to be self-motivated. I was able to grow into the world, taking opportunities, adapting my attitude and thinking differently. My determination from an early age has allowed me to work on and create some great projects that has boosted personal development. At the moment I am reading a BA Business Studies (Hons) at the University of Plymouth. I do not spend 100% of my time on my course, I have adapted my time to spend an equal amount between academic opportunities like the course and real world experience. The belief here is that I will gain skills that I can utilise after and during my time at university. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and freelancing opportunities. What motivates me here is the ability to create and build things from nothing. Some opportunities that have been involved include: - President of Igniting Enterprise (UK's Top Enterprise Society) - Co-Founder and Director at Future Framework - Head of Growth and Community at Fluentli - Top 10 Productivity Experts to follow on Twitter - Speaker - Microsoft Anywhere Working Event, Plymouth Business International Business School - Productivity (GTD) and Social Media Coach - Cub Scout Leader - Whitchurch Cub Scout Troop 2011 to 2013 - Officially opened Tavistock Incubation Hub in Feb '13 - Co-founder of Tuck Shop Tuesday - Over £1,000 raised from 1hr/week - Duke of Edinburgh - Bronze, Silver and Gold Award - Head Boy of Tavistock College - 2007 and 2011/12 - Writer at LifeHack - 2nd largest productivity site in world - 4x Poetry Rivals finalist, 1x United Press Top 10 Poets and 1x Forward Poetry Award I have very simple and focused goals. To encourage proactive young people, inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs through my entrepreneurial activities, to change dramatically three industries (education, technology and lifestyle) and to reduce the number of people who die from cancer-related illnesses.
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