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What is Igniting Enterprise?

We are the Plymouth University Entrepreneur Society, our missions is to inspire, encourage & foster student entrepreneurship. We help students start businesses, create an enterprise and build their CV using entrepreneurial resources. 

What do we get up to?

We have such a range: 

  • Guest Speakers
  • Workshops
  • 1:1 Confidential Idea Generation 
  • Mentoring
  • Trips and Events
  • External Networking

Throughout the year, we have been working hard to bring people with entrepreneurial and enterprising mindsets to advise us on our business ideas, our journeys and our visions. 

Where can I apply, this looks great!?

To become an official member of Igniting Enterprise, please follow these instructions for UPSU sign-up. 

  1. Visit www.upsu.com - Sign into your University Account 
  2. (If you had issues with sign - follow this link for support - (http://www.upsu.com/sports/clubs/fair/)
  3. Igniting Enterprise is FREE to join, Remember the Student Union has introduced £2 society cards + 50p basket charge from UPSU
  4. Add Igniting Enterprise to your basket - (http://www.upsu.com/societies/IgnitingEnterprise/)

Where can I find the next event, this looks like my kind of gig?

We are the most available and pump out most of our events through Facebook, an old tool, but something that people engage through at university. 

Hit us up on Facebook - for all events, information and updates on what we're up to

I've got a business idea, where do I go now?

Best way to start, is coming for a 1:1 Confidential Idea Generation session. 

This is basically an opportunity to engage with your idea and put you in contact with people who will help you push your idea forward. 

Fire an email to us and we'll hook you up with the first meeting. 

Bring along: 

  • Notepad
  • Information about your idea (Why, How and What)

I've got a business, how can you help me?

Awesome, you've jumped a stage. Come and chat with us about your business and we'll see how we can support its growth. 

Fire an email to us and we'll hook you up with the meeting and see how we can help!

I'm not an entrepreneur, and don't want to be, is there a place for me?

Okay, that's cool. It isn't for everyone, maybe you will discover something else from us. 

We run workshops across the year tailored to help you learn about new industries and powerful ways to create an enterprising mindset. 

What are my chances of making new friends?

Yes, Igniting Enterprise is known for finding new friends in the same mindset you are and for finding co-founders to new projects or businesses. 

Are we a traditional university society? Drinks?

We do go out for socials at least once a term but its not our main function, our main function is to help each other grow. 

Can I ever be a committee member?

If you're eager, self motivated, driven and a team player - we'd love to meet you! 

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